Transferring Members


Transferring from another club in Australia:

Before your membership is processed, all members 18 and over MUST have:
– a current Volunteer Working with Children Blue Card or
– completed the Blue Card Application form, signed and returned to the club office with the required 2 forms of ID. This form can be found on the website, Click here or collected from the club.

Each patrolling member and members over 18 are required to have a SLSA Portal account. Nipper Families: only the primary parent from each family will need to create the new SLSA Members Portal. Once created, they will be able to set up their Family Group. This feature will allow families to form a Family Group, requiring only 1 login to renew and update details of all the family members.

Click here for instructions on how to create your new Family Group.

NB: If you have a child Under 18, in your family that patrols, they will still need to create their own account.

Supporter Club membership cards: every member over the age of 18 gets membership to the Supporters Club as part of the Surf Club Membership. These will need to be obtained from the office.

For instructions on creating your SLSA Members Portal account,Click here or go straight to the SLSA Members Portal..

Once the new account has been set up, click the Lifesaving online tab and then the Join/Transfer to a new organisation. To transfer to Mermaid Beach, choose I want to join a surf club or transfer to a different club. State is QLD, Branch is South Coast Branch and Club is Mermaid Beach. Complete the form.

This will then take you to MAKE A PAYMENT page.

* If paying as an individual, Click here to view price list, to see the amount required to pay, type that amount in the Amount box, then continued on to complete the transaction.

*If paying as a family, please put all of the family’s names in the Complete name/Meaningful payment details and the correct fee in the Amount box.

Example: Jack (dad), Mary (mum) and Jill (U10) Hill are all renewing for the 16/17 season. They have checked their family membership fee, by checking Click Here to View Price List, which for a family with 1 nipper is $280. In the Complete name/Meaningful payment details, they put all the name of the families i.e. Jack, Mary and Jill Hill. In Amount box they typed $280 then continued on to complete the transaction.

NB: Once you have completed the transfer application, it will be sent to both the loosing club and the winning club to be endorsed. This process could take up to 21 days.

All memberships are to be approved by our club’s management committee, have paid the required fees and, if 18 years and over, have a valid Working with Children Blue Card or completed the Blue Card forms to become a member of Mermaid Beach AEME SLSC for the 2017/2018 season.