Proficiency information


Club Proficiency dates: 2017
1st Proficiency: Sunday 1o September  – 8am
2nd Proficiency: Sunday 3o September  – 8am
3rd Proficiency: Saturday 14 October  – 8am
4th Proficiency: Sunday 3 December  – 8am

You must be a financial member to complete your proficiency. Membership fees for the 2017/2018 season are due by 30th Sept 2017.

Members who were proficient in the 2016/2017 season are not required to do a pool swim before the beach proficiency. Non proficient members who are require to do a pool swim must bring this completed form with you to your proficiency.

Skills Maintenance Theory Questions for the 2017/2018 Season will have one paper consisting of 9 questions to be answered by ALL patrolling members. The questions can be answered after reading the skills maintenance bulletin. Members have to complete either on-line proficiency theory paper OR the paper based version, NOT both.

All members who hold the following awards are required to do the Online Theory:
IRB Crew
IRB Driver
First Aid/Resus Award

SLSQ have changed the way we access the ONLINE THEORY (a requirement of the skilled maintenance). You will need to access the new SLSQ e-learning platform, where you will find the proficiency theory paper. When creating your new SLSQ e-learning account, you will be asked for an enrolement key, use slsqmermaidbeach Once you have completed your theory online, please print a copy and bring with you on the day of proficiency.

Instruction on how to create your new SLSQ e-learning platform, Skills Maintenance theory paper,  Skills Maintenance Bulletin and pool swim assessment forms can all be found in the Document list below.

This year we are requesting members complete the online form to let us know what day they intend to come to the proficiency. This will allow us to make sure we have the correct number of assessors for each day.
Click here for the Online form to book your skilled maintenance.


Richard Jones: Chief Training Officer                                                       Will Nash: Club Captain