Sunday Surf Swim

Handicap Surf Race


The Handicap Surf Race is a great Mermaid tradition and is held each Sunday morning of the patrolling season at 8.30 am starting Sunday, September 17 2017.


This swim is a FUN CLUB ACTIVITY and participation in a minimum of one swim per month is compulsory if you wish to utilise club facilities and equipment, ie. Boards, skis, boats, bunk rooms etc.
The rules for the race competition are listed below. The rules are similar to those that were in force a couple of seasons ago when the races were slightly shorter. Generally the race should extend to about 12 or 14 minutes maximum from “go” therefore covering a distance of 400 to 600 meters.

The method for the calculation of the handicap will be less severe therefore having a less dramatic effect on the weekly line up of competitors. The conditions on a weekly basis will have a greater impact on the weekly results.

The Rules

  1. Swim start time is 8.30 am each Sunday morning of the patrolling season. This is to ensure the swim is finished prior to 9 am and participants can attend other club activities that follow e.g. Junior Activities, water safety etc.
  2.  To participate, you must arrive by 8.15 am to register and be given your handicap time
  3. Places are assigned down to fifteenth (15th) position and points are allocated as below
  4. Every member who participates in the surf swim receives a point irrespective if they complete the course
  5. Members on patrol on the morning of the swim are also assigned a point as they have to provide water safety for the participants as well as maintain their patrol duties for the public
  6. Members who cannot participate because of SLSC commitments in sanctioned events also receive a point
  7.  The swimmer who places first is assigned 16 points (15 for winning + 1 point for participating) and so on to the swimmer who places 15th who is assigned 2 points (1 point for 15th place + 1 point for participation)
  8. Having competed in 4 races a swimmer may take a bonus of 15 seconds off their handicap or save the bonus to be added to further bonuses – this bonus can be taken once only during the season – take it easy and get a 4 race and one minute benefit or save it up
  9. Handicap times are at the discretion of the race organiser


Handicap times are adjusted as follows

Race positionHandicap time adjustment

Points allocation
1+1:00 sec16
10+0:15 7
16 onwards- 0:151


Power Play

The bonus for regularly competing has taken the form of a tactic that swimmers may use at their discretion.  The swimmer can have the handicap reduced dependent upon the number of races competed in.
4 races = 15 second reduction in the handicap
The power play can be used once during the season. The new handicap is the handicap for the day and the new base for the calculation of future handicaps. The competitor must notify the race coordinator 15 minutes prior to the start of the race with the competitor using the bonus in lots of 4 (15 seconds).


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