At Mermaid, our junior activities program aims to provide an environment where our junior members
learn essential surf safety and awareness skills with a focus on fun, encouraging participation and a
healthy and safe beach lifestyle. At Mermaid, we are known to be a very family community focused


Throughout the season our junior members will learn surf safety skills (including how to identify rips),
surf sports skills, such as body surfing and negotiating the surf on a Nippers board. Activity days also
include the beach disciplines of flags, beach sprints etc. At Mermaid our primary focus is to make the
Nippers experience fun and enjoyable for all participants and their families.


Our objective is to promote personal development, leadership skills and improve the self-confidence
of our junior members by setting realistic and obtainable goals and challenges. We encourage
competition but recognise that not all junior members are disposed to the rigors of competition. We
aim to strike a balance between nurturing and encouraging the competitive urges in our junior
members and at the same time providing a welcoming environment and a full program for those
members who are less inclined to participate in the competitive side of surf lifesaving.


All our members who run our nipper program are volunteers. Nippers is a great opportunity for you as
a parent, to be actively involved with your child as a volunteer in roles such as assisting age
managers, water safety, BBQ duty or officiating. We would love for everyone to get involved.


IMPORTANT DATES 2017/18 Season

Nipper individual and group photos will be taken on Sunday 5 November.
Below are the times for each age groups photo’s to be taken.
U14: 8am – 8.20am
U13: 8.20am – 8.40am
U12: 8.40am – 9am
U6: 9am -9.20am
U7: 9.20am – 9.40am
U8: 9.40am – 10am
U9: 10am – 10.20am
U10: 10.20am – 10.40am
U11: 10.40am – 11am
This year, all orders will be done through photography company Event photography.
Nipper girls
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U8 branch
Geena and Ella