Leadership & Development Programs

SLSA Leadership College

This program offers surf lifesavers the opportunity to develop leadership, management and personal skills to enhance their involvement in surf lifesaving. The college is conducted each year and is open to surf lifesavers aged between 20 and
30 years. Participants must hold and be proficient in one or more of the following SLSA Awards: Bronze Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation, Radio Operators, First Aid or Surf Rescue Certificate. Participants are selected based on their commitment to their club and increasing their responsibility with surf lifesaving.


SLSA Leaders Masterclass

The conference provides an opportunity for existing leaders at all levels to participate in a high level leadership development program, with a particular target of club presidents. It is aimed at leaders in the 30+ age category and will be very useful for leaders with a limited surf lifesaving background or those who have re-entered the organisation after an extended period of absence. The conference will provide an environment that will enable the delegates to refresh and extend their leadership capabilities.


SLSA Leadership Excellence Program

As part of an exciting new partnership between The University of Queensland (UQ) and Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ), the UQ SLSQ Leadership Excellence Program will be conducted annually to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to advance as a leader within their club, branch and state. Today’s volunteer surf lifesaving leaders must negotiate a maze of relationships, networks and expectations in order to effectively lead in the surf lifesaving environment. Leadership demands innovation, creativity, negotiation, improvisation and strategic vision – we aim to bring this out in you.


SLSQ Breaka Youth Excellence Program

Provides an opportunity for youth members to be exposed to the many different elements of Surf Life Saving. Youth Development is about providing our young people with positive experiences and opportunities which enhance their strengths and capacity as well as affirming them as contributors to our community and shapers of their own future. It is designed to provide youth with knowledge, experience and allow them to develop skills in a wide range of activities in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. The program is structured to develop maximum participation, confidence and leadership in all
participants. As well as introducing the participants to the more formal and responsible roles of Surf Life Saving such as patrol duties, responsibilities of positions etc.

The program will consist of activities that include:
• Teamwork
• Networking
• Fun
• Pathways (internal and external to the organization)

YIPS – Youth Involvement Program

The concept is simple! YIPs is a recognition and reward program that is self-paced and can be completed in three years, give or take depending on the member. The rewards program operates utilising a similar concept to that of frequent flyer points where participants collect points for being involved in a range of lifesaving activities. The more activities they engage in and the more hours they volunteer, the greater the points collected.
YIPs is designed to encourage youth participation in all areas of club activity including: Lifesaving, Development, Competition, Administration, Junior Activities (nippers), Youth Activities, Club Activities, Community Project (gold level only) Participants can choose their level of involvement and the areas that they are specifically interested in. By collecting points, three levels of achievement can be attained which include:

Bronze – Minimum 150 points completed in three YIPs areas and 25 hours patrol
Silver – Minimum 400 points completed in four YIPs areas and 65 hours patrol
Gold – Minimum 800 points completed in five YIPs areas and 115 hours patrol and a community project of significance.


Mermaid Beach AEME SLSC Development Camp

For members from Under 11’s through to seniors. This is a whole club activity which is aimed at having lots of fun and helping to develop decision making capabilities, motor skills, teamwork, individual skills, morale and unity of our members. Hence, helping us to continue to build a happy and healthy environment for all members as our club continues to grow.

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