Club Strategic Plan

Club Strategic Plan

Mermaid Beach SLSC completed a strategic planning process in July and August 2011 focusing on our vision for the future ten years, our values and those goals, objectives and targets that will help us track movement towards this vision. The key aspects of our Strategic Plan are summarised below. Please see the link below for the full strategic plan.

To be respected as one of Australia’s premier Surf Life Saving Clubs in all aspects of Surf Life Saving while maintaining our core values


  1. Respect for views and values of others, openness, caring
  2. Integrity to deliver on commitments, honesty
  3. Unity, best for whole Club, trust
  4. Loyalty to Club
  5. Welcoming, friendly
  6. Strive for excellence
  7. Encouragement and participation
  8. Enjoyment

Mission: To be a premier Surf Life Saving Club in order to provide excellence in Surf Life Saving Services to Mermaid Beach.

Club Goals:

1.0 Provide excellent Surf Life Saving Services to Mermaid Beach

2.0 Achieve excellent results in all areas of surf sports

3.0 Provide a pathway for youth to become senior active life savers by developing teamwork, leadership, fitness and lifesaving skills

4.0 Provide a high quality junior activities program that provides a pathway to retention as youth life savers

5.0 Provide administrative and communication services that enhance the performance of all parts of the Club

6.0 Increase, recognize, mentor and support members

7.0 Enhance Club profile and attractiveness

8.0 Provide sufficient funds to support Club objectives, activities and growth